Iceland is a hot destination for those who want a vacation that full of grand vistas and a splash of adventure. Lauren Halvorsen traveled to Iceland in 2016, and she lets us in on her five favorite places she visted. You can follow her other adventures on Instagram, @laurhalv, or on twitter, @halvorsen.i

5. Seljalandsfoss / Gljúfrabúi

These were my favorite waterfalls out of the many that I saw; you can walk behind Seljalandsfoss and you can literally go into a cave for the other. (You will get soaked; REI water-resistant pants saved my LIFE on this trip.) 

4. Svinafellsjokull

I went on a glacier hike here. This is also where parts of Interstellar were filmed. 

3. Jokusarlon

Glacial lagoon! It’s gorgeous! Also, don’t miss Diamond Beach – ice forms on the black sand beach and looks like diamonds have washed up on shore. 

2. The Secret Lagoon in Fludir

Everyone goes to the Blue Lagoon, but this one is where it’s at. Only about $20 for entry, plus $4 for a towel rental. Much warmer than the Blue Lagoon, barely anyone there. (I think there are some excursions that include a stop here, as it’s not terribly far from the Golden Circle.)
Secret Lagoon in Iceland

1. Seljavallalaug

This was a trip highlight; it’s that swimming pool built into the side of the mountain. One of those places I’ll remember for the rest of my life. GPS won’t get you there, as it’s off the beaten path, and there’s no signs on the main road, but if you do end up driving, I’ll give you detailed directions to it. You park at a farm and it’s an easy hike for 15 minutes until you get to the pool.


What part of the world speaks to your adventurous side? Where do you want to go?

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