Ive had my fair share of travels with a infant and now that my infant is a toddler it is becoming more challenging keeping her entertained. It is equally challenging keeping myself hands free and organized. 

You wont see electronics on this list and I’m sure you are asking, “Heather, why don’t you just download games or movies on an Ipad?” Well, I would if that kept my child entertained for more than 5 minutes.

Here are my top 5 must haves when traveling with a toddler.

Melissa and Doug Paint with Water

OMG, Ya’ll let me tell you. This was not around when I was a kid. We had the magic marker thing but not like this. Your kiddo can paint with water (mess free!!) and when it dries, the colors disappear. This kept my daughter busy for at least 45 minutes on the plane.


JL Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag

The FAA recommends that a child sit in a plane seat with some sort of harness or in their car seat. We choose to bring our car seat with us because we will use the car seat in the rental car. This bag makes it easy to where I can push the stroller, and wear the car seat on my back and push our carry on bag with the other hand.  Sounds complicated but it does actually make my life a lot easier.


Mini Play Dough

I bring one little container of play dough so we can build towers and squish them on the airplay tray table. This really helps kill a little time and I feel like I can control it a bit more if I have just one small container.


My Princess Sticker Activity Purse

My dear friend had given us this little activity book and it came in such good use for our return flight home. There were activities to do with stickers and my daughter did a pretty good job of keeping the stickers in the book and not on the plane.


Baby Diaper Bag Backpack Large Capacity

You may already have a great diaper bag but I personally love this one. This is fantastic for travels. There are 15 individual pockets and lots of space perfect for storing snacks and an extra outfit just in case. There is also insulated pockets for bottles or cups for juice. Also another nifty feature is the USB charging port in the bag. It is great in a pinch!


Traveling with a toddler is very challenging especially by yourself. I hope these products help you on your next brilliant journey with your little one!

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