Staying on track with your weight loss journey while on vacation is a worry for most people. I have vacationed while on my own health journey and it was a challenge to keep focused, especially on a cruise! Cruise Critic has a wonderful list of the top 10 tips for eating healthfully on a cruise. Here are their tips:

1. Choose your dining venue wisely

2. Don’t be pressured into ordering every course

3. Ask for half-portions

4. Pace yourself at the buffet

5. Eat off the spa menu

6. Mix up heavy and light meals

7. Skip the sauces and dressings

8. Limit your dining to actual meals

9. Cut back on desserts

10. Skip the late-night dining

Check out the rest of the article here.

How it worked for me

I followed these tips on my Royal Caribbean cruise out of Galveston 2 years ago, they really helped me stick to my goals!  I would try to eat a very small and sensible breakfast, almost like the one I would prepare at home. For lunch, I would load up at the salad bar before going back to hit up the fabulous french fries (just not a not a lot of them!). At dinner, I would sometimes just order from the appetizer menu instead of getting the steak covered in a demiglaze. I recommend trying to steer away from the dessert menu but do not deprive yourself – it’s your vacation, after all!

If you are anything like me, you love a drink (or two or three) while on vacation. I like to order a vodka and diet cola and try to keep the “empty calories” to a minimum.  Vacation is a great time to try new

Vacation is a great time to try new workout plans! Pilates, Yoga, Zumba are all great offerings on cruise ships and all-inclusive resorts. Doing a great workout can help balance out those extra calories.

What are tips and tricks that have worked for you on vacation to stick to your weight-loss or fitness goals? Let me know!

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