A great way to bring travel into your everyday life is through Travel Boardgames! These are great for inclement weather, parties, or with the kids on a weekend. Test your knowledge of other cultures, try to take over the world, or journey through foreign countries with these great games.


This beautifully designed, elegant game is easy to start but hard to master. Your character is traveling along the east sea road in Japan. While traveling you will eat wonderful meals, meet interesting people, collect artifacts, and marvel at the grand vistas and wild places. The person who gets to the end of the road having experienced the most wins. It has a number of expansion packs to continue the journey.

Passport to Culture

Trivia games are great additions to parties or small get-togethers. Passport to Culture quizzes you on “people and places, food and drink, world treasures, greetings, and gestures or customs and traditions” while you circumvent the game board. It can entertain everyone from age 10 to adult with its crazy questions.

Ticket to Ride: Europe

The Ticket to Ride series of board games is based on international train travel. In the Europe version, you race the other players to see who can get to as many cities as possible. Strategy comes into play because each trip has a different price. Each expansion pack adds another part of the world, making this game truly global! This is a great game for up to 6 people.


Use your wits and cunning to form alliances, take down your enemies, and expand your domination over pre-war Europe. Engage your friends in a game of cleverness, negotiation, and backstabbing during a dinner party or during the game. Just make sure no fights break out in real life!

Sushi Go Party!

While not exactly a game about travel, Sushi Go Party! is a great addition to your collection of party games. You and your friends take turns collecting traditional Japanese food items. Each round has a different point structure and end point, so each game is different. Good for all ages, but it will make you want sushi!

What games about travel do you love? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!

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