Have you been somewhere that has felt a little unnerving? A destination that put you on edge, gave you the heeby jeebies? With Halloween around the corner, I have a spook-tacular list of creepy destinations I have personally visited.

Salem, Massachusetts 

Salem is a very quaint village known for its bloody past.  There is a great self guided tour throughout the city. You will stop at the National Park Service Salem Regional Visitor Center, Old Burying Point Cemetery, and the Witch History Museum. If you had enough of grim sites, you can check out Misery Islands.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a city built on mystery and voodoo. As noted in one of my previous posts, I recommend taking a tour with Jonathan Weiss tours. I enjoyed the dark history tour that took us through a colorful and dark history. There is also the Museum of Death to visit or you can pay your respects to Marie Laveau, NOLA’s famous voodoo queen.

Paris, France 

One of the most interesting and freakiest places I have ever visited was the catacombs of Paris. The amount of bones that were located in the catacombs were astounding. There is even a old legend that Marie Antoinette was so hated that her body ended up in the catacombs with the “commoners”. It was one of the most intense and creepy tours I have ever taken.

Heather at Stonehege

Stonehenge, England 

There are so many unanswered questions about this rock formation. Walking around the stones and the burial mounds, there is a sense of eerie calm throughout the English countryside. Being around the monument raises more questions than it answers and it is quite unsettling.

San Francisco, CA 

My husband and I stayed at the Fairmont in San Francisco, which is an amazing and gorgeous property. There are a few reports of it being haunted but we did not experience anything. I do recommend staying there because of the amazing Tonga Room in the basement of the property. Anyway! Back to actual spooky things. We also visited Alcatraz. When you visit “the rock” you do get a sense of what kind of despair the prisoners must have felt while serving their time. It is a must do attraction while visiting the city by the bay.

Where is the spookiest place you have visited? Have you been visited by a spirit? Enjoy your All Hallows Eve!

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